Rechargeable Hand Warmers: 2-Pack Magnetic Electric Hand Heaters with 16 Hours of Warmth, 4 Heat Levels

Rechargeable Hand Warmers: 2-Pack Magnetic Electric Hand Heaters with



    • Easy Snap-On, Magnetic Attraction:

      • Experience the convenience of easy attachment and separation with magical magnetic attraction in our hand warmers.
      • Designed to effortlessly snap together and stay securely attached, they're perfect for slipping into pockets, holding in each hand, sharing with loved ones, or combining into a palm-sized hand warmer.
    • Fast Heat Release, Simple Button Operation:

      • Activate rapid heat release with just a simple button press. Featuring a 20% increased power density, these hand warmers generate substantial heat within seconds.
      • The durable brushed aluminum housing ensures even heat distribution for an optimal warming experience.
    • Ultimate Warmth Experiences, Ergonomic Design:

      • Enjoy ultimate warmth and comfort with the ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing design.
      • Offering four heat settings, ranging from pleasantly warm to a toasty 145°F (63°C), choose the warmth level that suits you best.
      • With automatic heat level memory, they save your preferred setting for hassle-free use every time.
    • Long-Lasting Warmth, Dual Benefit:

      • Each device comes equipped with a rechargeable 5000mAh battery, providing over 8 hours of runtime on the low setting or the capability to charge your phone up to 1.5 times at full capacity.
    • Built to Last, Optimized Details:

      • Designed with durability in mind, they feature rubber protective covers to shield charging ports from dust and dirt during travel.
      • Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, these hand warmers make the perfect gift for golfers, campers, hunters, hikers, and anyone who enjoys outdoor activities.

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