Portable CD Player with Wall-Mount Bracket - Bluetooth 5.1, FM Radio, Stereo Speaker, and Remote Control for Seamless Music Experience

Portable CD Player with Wall-Mount Bracket - Bluetooth 5.1, FM Radio,



Key Features:

  • Supports Various Audio Sources:

    • Compatible with CD, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-MP3, and CD-WMA formats, offering versatile playback options.
    • First-class audio source decoding ensures superior sound quality.
    • Features a button-type disc protection cover to prevent dust or finger contact with the disc core, with automatic pop-off function for convenience.
  • Built-in Bluetooth Compatibility:

    • Seamlessly connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices for wireless playback.
    • Enjoy multifunctional portable playback with support for CD, BT, FM radio, AUX-IN, TF card, and U disk playback, offering a 6-in-1 smart combination.
  • Integrated Shocking Woofer:

    • Equipped with a high-sealed full-frequency internal magnetic horn on the speaker unit, delivering powerful bass, sweet midrange, and loud, penetrating treble.
    • Double rubidium magnetic speakers ensure excellent frequency response, distinct layers, and dynamic characteristics, enriching the sound with depth and richness.
  • Wall Mounting Kit and Bracket:

    • Easily install on the wall or place on a table, serving as a stylish decoration for any space.
    • Includes a wireless infrared remote control for convenient operation during home entertainment or office meetings, featuring a simple LED display to indicate playback mode.
  • USB Multi-Way Power Supply:

    • Utilizes USB multi-way power supply technology for flexible power options.
    • Equipped with intelligent power supply management IC solution, supporting power supply via mobile phone charging head or mobile power supply.
    • Operates under DC 5V/2A power supply conditions for reliable performance.

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