Multi-Functional Kitchen Sink Strainer Basket with Detachable Funnel

Multi-Functional Kitchen Sink Strainer Basket with Detachable Funnel



NOTE❗❗❗: The drainage basket features a streamlined design suitable for hand washing. Please avoid dishwasher cleaning.

Multifunctional Draining Basket with Spout:

  • Combines washing, draining, storage, and other functions in one convenient design.
  • Large capacity allows for washing fruits and vegetables, as well as food placement or salad mixing, improving kitchen efficiency.

Removable Filter Design:

  • Features a removable filter for easy cleaning and quick draining of washed items to prevent water retention.
  • Effectively filters residues and impurities, and easily removes food particles for convenient cleaning.

High-Quality PET Material & Toughness:

  • Made of high-quality food-grade PET material, offering superior resilience compared to traditional PP materials.
  • Durable, break-resistant, and environmentally friendly for safe use in the kitchen.

Great Kitchen Helper:

  • An indispensable tool for home kitchens, this multifunctional draining bowl helps wash and drain ingredients quickly and effectively.
  • Reduces cooking time and hassle, allowing you to enjoy cooking in the kitchen with ease.

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