Interactive Sniff and Treat Mat: Large Foraging Toy Promotes Stimulation for Dogs of All Breeds

Interactive Sniff and Treat Mat: Large Foraging Toy Promotes Stimulati



  • Product Name: Large Pet Foraging Mat Interactive Dog Toy
  • Material: Fur
  • Size: 8050cm/ 31.519.7inch
  • Color: As shown in pictures
  • Package: OPP bag
  • Package Included: 1x dog foraging mat


  • Interactive Dog Snuffle Mat: This activity mat serves as an interactive, slow feeding tool and game, engaging your dog's brain, promoting nose work, and preventing boredom. It features a large colorful, squeaky flower and various grassy shapes where treats can be hidden in different textures and shapes, providing mental stimulation for your furry friend.

  • Bonus Toys: Alongside the mat, you'll receive 2 squeaky carrot toys with compartments for hiding treats/food, as well as a 4-inch sniff ball that can also be used to conceal treats. Ensure you cut the cable ties on the sniffle ball before use and fan it out. These bonus toys, combined with the snuffle mat, offer a variety of engaging activities to keep your dog entertained, particularly during adverse weather conditions when outdoor playtime is limited.

  • Puppy Training Tool: This mat serves as an effective training tool for puppies and dogs of all ages. With 10 different elements & compartments and 2 bonus toys, it acts as an educational play tool, encouraging slow feeding and extending mealtime from 5 minutes to over 30 minutes. It's a great way to mentally stimulate and challenge your furry companion.

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