Full Body Motorcycle Armor: Protective Gear Set for Motocross Riders

Full Body Motorcycle Armor: Protective Gear Set for Motocross Riders



Full Body Motorcycle Armor Motorcycle Protective Armor Body Support Bandage Motocross Guard Brace Protective Gears


  • Choose this Protective Armor Protective Gear for long rides to effectively protect yourself during motorcycle journeys.
  • Made of high-density wear-resistant nylon for durability.
  • Moveable liner for easy cleaning.
  • Multiple large vents on plastic shells and foam for maximum ventilation.
  • Necessary gear for motorcycle riders.


  • Soft sponge with mesh cloth for comfort.
  • Sexy design with adjustable belt for a secure fit.
  • Suitable for motorcycle riding, biking, skiing, skating, and other recreational activities.
  • High-density foam padding for superior quality and comfort.
  • Adjustable elastic straps ensure a secure fit.


  • Material: Plastic, Cotton, Elastic Mesh, Flannelette belt
  • Sizes:
    • S: Height: 62.99-64.96 inches, Weight: 99.2-110.2 lbs, Chest: 33.86-34.65 inches, Waist: 29.92-30.71 inches
    • M: Height: 64.96-66.93 inches, Weight: 110.2-132.3 lbs, Chest: 35.43-37.01 inches, Waist: 30.71-31.89 inches
    • L: Height: 66.93-68.90 inches, Weight: 132.3-154.5 lbs, Chest: 37.01-39.37 inches, Waist: 31.89-33.07 inches
    • XL: Height: 68.90-70.87 inches, Weight: 154.5-176.4 lbs, Chest: 39.37-41.34 inches, Waist: 33.07-34.65 inches
    • XXL: Height: 70.87-74.80 inches, Weight: 176.4-198.4 lbs, Chest: 41.34-43.31 inches, Waist: 34.65-37.01 inches
    • XXXL: Height: 74.80-76.77 inches, Weight: 198.4-209.4 lbs, Chest: 43.31-47.24 inches, Waist: 37.01-39.37 inches

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