Dual 8MP Lens Outdoor PT Camera - Home Security IP Camera with AI Human & Vehicle Detection for Advanced Surveillance

Dual 8MP Lens Outdoor PT Camera - Home Security IP Camera with AI Huma



Key Features:

  • Dual Lens with 8MP Resolution: Equipped with two lenses for a total resolution of 8MP, ensuring clear and detailed surveillance footage.

  • AI Human & Vehicle Detection: Advanced artificial intelligence capabilities enable precise detection of humans and vehicles, enhancing security monitoring accuracy.

  • Smart Color Night Vision: Experience enhanced nighttime visibility with smart color night vision technology, providing clear and detailed footage even in low-light conditions.

  • Active Deterrence: Actively deter potential intruders with built-in deterrent features, helping to prevent incidents before they occur.

  • IP66 Weatherproof Rating: Built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliable outdoor surveillance with an IP66 weatherproof rating.

  • Two-Way Talk: Communicate in real-time with visitors or potential intruders using the two-way talk feature, providing both monitoring and interaction capabilities.

  • Smart Tracking: Automatically track and follow moving objects within the camera's field of view, ensuring continuous monitoring of potential threats.

  • Alarm Notification: Receive instant notifications on your connected devices in case of detected motion or other security events, keeping you informed and alert at all times.

  • Support Wi-Fi 6 Connection: Seamlessly connect to your Wi-Fi 6 network for high-speed and stable wireless connectivity, ensuring reliable transmission of surveillance footage.

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