500pcs Eyelash Extension Cleaning Swabs: Glue Remover Applicators

500pcs Eyelash Extension Cleaning Swabs: Glue Remover Applicators



  • Microbrushes Applicator:
    • Dimensions: Length: 10cm / 3.9”, Head Diameter: 2.0mm (Medium Size - Pink)
    • Package Includes: 400pcs Micro Brushes
  • Precise Application:
    • The 2.0mm soft tips of Microfiber applicators actively absorb liquid for precise and smooth application.
  • Versatile Use:
    • Compatible with various substances including adhesives, paints, lubricants, or solvents, making them an essential part of your permanent makeup supplies.
  • Efficient Product Usage:
    • A little fiber on the top ensures precise application without excessive product absorption, reducing waste significantly. Each application can be as small as half a drop, making them an exceptional solution for minimizing product waste, especially when using eyelash prescription products.
  • Adjustable Handle:
    • Easily clean hard-to-reach areas by breaking off the handle to the desired length. Additionally, bend the tip at any angle for hassle-free access to small spaces.
  • Microfiber Tip:
    • Offers excellent cleaning and smearing functions, perfectly suited for cosmetics applications such as eye shadow, eyelash extensions, nail art, and painting, ensuring flawless makeup results.
  • Convenient Storage:
    • Comes with a tight storage box to keep your False Eyelashes Brush Clean Mascara swabs hygienic and organized.

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